We've got a few of fun things to occupy a few moments of your time.
Spend a minute and check these out...

Internet Ticket You're busted! (46kb)
Ego Booster Feeling blue?  Well cheer up and help your self esteem by using our Ego Booster. (3kb)
Waltzing Matilda We've all been in a pub and heard it sung, but do you know what it means? (8kb)
Mouse Tester Is your mouse working properly?  Give it a test with our own little Mouse Tester. (12kb)
Oops Britney Smears strikes again. (509kb)
Flash 'em Who likes to be flashed by a beautiful woman!  Try this one. (554kb)
Knocker How do you keep people from knocking on your door?  Look at this jpg and see for your self. (44kb)
License Plate What an AWESOME plate to have on your car! (93kb)
What's Wrong Got a good eye?  Well study this image for a minute or two and try to figure out what's wrong with it.  It may take a few moments, but I'm sure it'll jump out at you. (83kb)
Hidden Bird Cute little jpg....can you find the bird hidden in the picture? (39kb)