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Princess Diana

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The following poem was written by a personal friend.   I believe it to be a great tribute to Princess Di.     This poem is copyrighted by the owner.



Lady Diana


Ordinary people, trying to imagine the gap

The space she just inhabited

The children desolate without the Mother’s lap.


Is this so different than another’s grief

This tall, brave lady

Fluttering down like Autumn’s last leaf.


She waited, and she watched, with a hurt so deep it showed

Though she tried, in vain, to disguise it

Her privacy was owed.


Privacy to cover wounds, a time to cry, to weep

To go to bed but not to sleep.


Her light left on at night, reported,

and by paparazzi will recorded.


She is at peace at last

Her life will be researched and scrutinised

by scholars combing through the past.


Now she is free, she is really free

To roam in Regent Street or on the beach at St. Tropez

If that is her desire

Privately, with no-one there, or with her friend, her handsome squire.


No-one to peep, no-one to pry

She can look up at last, to see the sky.


So hang your heads in shame

All you who pried and pushed and gawked

At this proud lady

"Hang your heads"

For, in times gone by

Those same heads would be hanging

on Tower Bridge to dry.


--By Patricia M. Steele

August 31, 1997




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